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Admirable traits

We have no right to go around thinking that we wish we were like this or that person.

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A decathlon winner is considered the perfect athlete because he passes the ten supreme tests in athletics.

Few have won the Decathlon in two separate Olympics and the most famous of these is DALEY THOMPSON, gold medallist in Montreal 1980 and Los Angeles 1984 Olympics. He was described as the perfect man.

You may be thinking: "They called him perfect because they didn't know me". It may be a joke, but in part you are right.

God says that you are one of the most amazing things in the world. He has put thoughts and feelings inside you that no one else on earth can know, let alone improve upon! You are unique.

We have no right to go around thinking that we wish we were like this or that person. It's a terrible mistake. Noone in the world can be like us, because each one is unique.

No one has the right to compare us to anyone else. God has made us wonderful, admirable beings. Do you doubt it? The Bible gives you a list of reasons for it that you should never forget.

1. God loves you. God also loves each person in the world PERSONALLY.

2. God has put his image upon you. EVEN the worst person in the world has a part of the image of God within.

3. God made you just the way you are. You are the best you God could make, and you are unique.

4. God made you with dignity. No one has the right to walk all over you, laugh at you or hurt you. That person will answer to God for it, because God himself created you.

5. He died for you. That's right, Jesus went to the cross for you. True, he died for all, but the Bible teaches that he would have gone to the cross if there had been only one person to save! He wants to save you personally.

6. God cares about you, your needs, your actions, words and thoughts. He cares what happens to you and he listens. When you pray, you are the most important thing on earth to him.

7. God says that when we receive Him into our lives, we are His children, and CO-HEIRS of the entire universe with Jesus Christ!




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