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Sick and tired

God says that we will be fully repaid for our ways.

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Tommy Moe, Olympic medallist in downhill skiing [link]US Ski hall of fame[/link] CC0.

At the 1994 LILLEHAMMER winter games, like all great sporting events, there were many winners in different divisions. One of the most admired athletes was American TOMMY MOE, Olympic medallist in downhill skiing.

However, he had been expelled from the MONTANA skiing team for smoking cannabis. "I paid my debt and learned my lesson," said Tommy.

However, we don't always realise how foolish we are. Sometimes we do things that we know are destructive, and yet we go on doing them.

Often we continue to indulge habits that abuse our bodies and may even take us to the grave, as if it were no big deal. One fine day the worst happens.

Then we rush to make resolutions and try to change our lifestyle, but unfortunately it's usually too late.

All destructive things are bad for us. As pleasant as something may feel, if it's killing you, it's best to quit. God says that we will be fully repaid for our ways.

If you want to keep doing your own thing, don't worry, God will let you, but one day you'll be sick and tired of your own choices.

One of the most harmful things for men and women today, which causes so much heart disease, is the excessive desire for power. There are many more "addicts" chasing after political, economic, religious or social power than there are addicted to drugs or alcohol.

They would sell their souls to satisfy their ambition. They spend their lives and energy to gain power in business, the social world, politics, and even in the church!

We mustn't forget that the Devil himself was condemned for wanting to be more powerful than God. The thirst for power is one of his favourite schemes to keep people occupied.

For a simple test of this idea, look at the most successful TV series: they all have to do with the erotic fascination of power.

Even power addicts will end their lives in bitterness, because anyone who goes against God's word will become sick and tired of their own ways.




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