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One of the greatest lessons in the Christian life is to know how to get ahead of the enemy by accepting new promises.

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Michael Chang. / [link] Maarten van Maanen. Wikipedia.[/link] CC.

We have spoken before of the youngest tennis player to win the French Open tournament: MICHAEL CHANG.

Michael won the tournament in 1989 by using a tactic in some matches that surprised many people: he waited for his opponent's serve standing one metre closer than was normal, with both feet on the court. It was as if he knew the court (and the match) were already his.

Surely Michael, a good Christian, knows the scripture: "I have given you the land you will be marching over". That is a promise, and an important lesson.

One of the greatest lessons in the Christian life is to know how to get ahead of the enemy by accepting new promises.

In the Bible God calls us more than conquerors. A child of God is never defeated; he is a conqueror and therefore often lives ahead of events.

But these are not Joshua's days; the kingdom we have to conquer is not a physical but a spiritual one. Thousands of souls are lost every day. Our best weapon is the Word of God.

Did you know that God left thousands of promises written down for you? Have you conquered them yet?

What? You don't even know what they are? How can you advance in spiritual warfare if you don't know God's promises?

Well, here is another challenge: mark ALL of God's promises that you can find in your Bible, and pray that these promises become a reality in your life. Start today!

The famous singer, Bob Dylan, once wrote in a song: "God doesn't make promises he can't keep".  When God says something, He does it. When God speaks, His word is ratified. What God affirms, no one can deny.

How much territory have you conquered? Today you need to take a step forward. Today you should march over a land that belongs to you. Believe God's promises! Become a conqueror of promises!

Don't forget that God never makes mistakes, and He never lies.




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