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“Those who seek short-term wealth do not see that their own existence is threatened”

Miguel Wickham comments on the United States decision to leave the Paris Agreement and encourages Christians to commit themselves to the biblical mandate of stewardship.

AUTOR 16/Daniel_Hofkamp,5/Evangelical_Focus 09 DE JUNIO DE 2017 17:50 h
Climate change is a worldwide challenge.

The announcement of the United States withdrawal from the Paris Global Agreement has received widespread condemnation from other countries, as well as from entities and scientists who have warned for years of the consequences the climate change has for the planet.

After talking to biologist Antonio Cruz about this issue, we spoke to Miguel Wickham, co-author of the book "Ecology and climate change" (Andamio, 2012), where he addresses the theological basis of creation care.

We asked Wickham about his opinion on climate change and the consequences of failing to follow the measures agreed in Paris last year.

Question. Does the decision of the US weaken the agreement reached in Paris?

Answer. No doubt the agreements will lose strength, but the United States never showed a sincere and convincing interest to make us think that they were not going to do this. It should not surprise us.

A country that looks inward, and seeks the short term wealth, does not see that its own existence is threatened in a globalized world. Meteorological systems have no borders, just like commerce.

Climate change is already affecting areas of the United States. Although the farmer, the rancher, and the villagers of the small towns of the Midwest do not believe that changes affect them, we are already seeing the changes in the atmosphere and aquifers, and ecosystems are undergoing major changes.

Drought in some areas and the loss of biodiversity, such as the decline in the population of bees and other insects that are essential for the pollination of cereals, increase the global political and economic instability.

Q. Some Conservative sectors in the US consider the conclusions of the Paris agreement exaggerated. Is there any reason to doubt climate change?

A. Just read the excellent article by physicist Antoine Bret to see that intelligent people, those who read, observe and study, have no doubts about this change.


Q. What can we do as Christians?

Miguel Wickham.

A. Reading upon on this issue and living according to the biblical mandate of stewardship. This is a personal challenge: Do I live with responsibility? Does my life reflect the dependence of Jesus with the Father, seeing the world from the perspective of God?

That includes being courageous to denounce injustice. Such a heart will also accompany the action with prayer, crying out to God for justice, being men and women with political and business decision-making power to change.

To learn more, I recommend David Bookless's book, 'Planetwise: Dare to Care for God's World' (IVP, 2008).




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