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Annual FEUER conference 2023

The aim is to equip and mobilise university evangelists in Europe, so that public proclamation of the gospel becomes a regular feature of student ministry.

Annual FEUER conference was held in Alicant [link]Facebook GBU[/link]

FEUER (Fellowship of Evangelists in the Universities of Europe) holds an annual conference that brings together current and potential university evangelists across Europe to encourage, train and mobilise them.

Furthermore, they invite student leaders and key IFES workers to observe models of public proclamation on evangelistic days (mission weeks).

This year we also had three IFES workers in Latin America (Mexico, Uruguay and Puerto Rico) as observers of the program, and for the for the eighth time, a parallel program was held for academics from several European universities.

The aim is to identify, equip and mobilise at least one university evangelist in every European country, so that public proclamation of the gospel becomes a regular feature of student ministry and a goal to be achieved for all types of groups (large and small, pioneer or veteran).

It also seeks to establish models of creative, courageous and culturally appropriate mission weeks in all countries of Europe as part of an effective year-round evangelistic strategy.


FEUER annual conference in Spain

The FEUER annual conference was held for the second time in Spain, this time in Alicante, which made it easier for a group of fifteen of us from Spain to attend.

Among them, eight students from the PROCLAMA preaching training course, university students involved with their local IFES groups, two doulos and a counsellor.

[photo_footer]  The Spanish goup at 2023 FEUER conference. /GBU  [/photo_footer] 

[destacate]FEUER seeks to establish models of creative, courageous and culturally appropriate mission weeks in all countries of Europe[/destacate]  The dynamics of this conference was to have training workshops, presentation of evangelistic events in different countries in Europe, examples of evangelistic talks (traditional, interactive and artistic) and time in small groups.

Each participant also had to prepare a 12-15 minute evangelistic talk to present to their small group (8-10 people) and receive feedback on it.

It was very challenging for the Spanish students as they were able to meet the authors of the books they read to better explain Jesus to their friends (and see that they are ordinary people!), receive training and realise that someone else is concerned and thinking about the issues they are thinking about and asking the same questions.

It was also an impulse and impact for their local groups as they were able to see reports of public proclamation of the gospel in different European countries, even from groups in crisis (Ukraine), persecuted (Belarus) or very small (Macedonia).

Very challenged to apply the things we have learned in my context, especially praying more for class friends and campus students who come to my city's conference. Also to try other models of talks such as an interactive talk presented by Luke Cawley. Dana Romera (Physics graduate in Galicia)

FEUER has impacted my IFES group because we are now thinking about doing evangelistic days this year, seeing that other small groups with few resources have been able to do it in other countries and God has borne fruit. Ana Costache (English Studies student in Ciudad Real)

[photo_footer]  John Lennox  talking with the students / Facebook IFES Europe [/photo_footer] 


Fellowship and encouragement

It was also a good time to enjoy other students with whom we share the passion of sharing Jesus:

[destacate]It was an impulse and impact for IFES local groups as they were able to see reports of public proclamation of the gospe in different European countries[/destacate]  It was very cool to have a space to verbalise the good that we see in each other, which in the end are the special things that God has created us with and that we sometimes struggle to see...Also the training was great! Learning other types of ways of doing evangelistic conferences or talks. Mery Iglesias (Psychology student in Galicia).

And to be empowered with the truth of the gospel:

Suddenly having a vision that the gospel is not afraid of any culture, worldview or way of understanding reality. The gospel is truth and therefore it is enough, it has arguments and reasons and it is above all.

The gospel satisfies everything and that takes away a lot of fear when it comes to talking to your friends, asking questions, because it is the Truth. To see people who are not so sure of themselves, but it is the gospel that gives them that security, helped me. Felipe Lobato (Law and Business Administration student in Madrid)

The last day, Slavco Hadzic (associate director of Langham Preaching) prayed for all the participants and sent us to share the gospel in our cities and to remember that the Holy Spirit is at work there. Jesus is the one who sends us.



FEUER is a network of European evangelists committed to the public communication of the gospel in the universities of Europe in partnership with the national IFES movements.

Marta Ruiz, staff worker of GBU España (IFES) in the region of Castilla La Mancha.




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