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Protestante Digital


‘Protestante Digital’ turns 20

Despite the significant evangelical growth that Spain has experienced in recent decades, a large part of society continues to ignore Protestants. Two decades later, our vision for this journalistic project remains the same.

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The home Spanish online project 'Protestante Digital'. / Photo: EF

In September 2003, Protestante Digital was launched, becoming the first news website for Spain with a distinct evangelical perspective. Now we are 20 years old.

The project began with the aim of providing information and opinion, respecting journalistic standards, and with a clear evangelical identity. Nevertheless, Protestante Digital always aimed to reach a broad audience, not only people of our own faith. We work to build bridges that connect Christians with all of society and its concerns.

Although technology has evolved and the ways we communicate today are marked by speed and much interaction, the vision and mission of Protestante Digital has not changed substantially in these twenty years.

We still believe that this project offers something unique and necessary, both to the evangelical community and to the society as a whole.

Despite the significant evangelical growth that Spain has experienced in recent decades, a large part of Spanish society continues to ignore Protestants.

The mainstream media in Spain keeps falling into clichés that in most cases do not reflect the evangelical reality and are at times straight forward fake news. Protestante Digital is, therefore, a necessary reference to show what we evangelicals are and believe, even with our nuances and differences.

[photo_footer]One of the first front pages of Protestante Digital, October 2003./ Wayback Machine, [/photo_footer] 

We also strive to offer a broad perspective of current affairs and put a light on issues that matter but are not always highlighted by other media.

Despite the advance of secularisation in Europe, faith and its practice continue to shape the lives of millions of people, an element that cannot be ignored.

Evangelical faith is known for breaking down the division between the sacred and the secular. As a journalistic project we address all kind of topics, knowing that Christians can bring a fresh perspective, based on a genuine faith, to interact with today's challenges.

Looking back over the past 20 years, as a Spanish project we can only give thanks for over 32,500 news stories written and more than a thousand authors that have submitted over 20,000 opinion articles.

An average of 2 million users visit Protestante Digital every year, and over 3 million pages are viewed. Thousands of readers connect every day to our website and social media.

All this would not have been possible without the support of sponsors, the work of hundreds of volunteers over these past years, and the support of the Spanish Evangelical Alliance and all of its members, who back our project.

And none of this would make sense if we did not believe in God's direction and the expression of His grace and mercy in our personal lives. That is why, as we blow out the candles, we renew our strength. There is much to do in Spain and the Spanish speaking world, and we are ready to move forward. Will you join us?


  [title] A pioneer project in Southern Europe [/title]



 [text]Protestante Digital was started in Spain as an online-only service for evangelical churches in 2003. 

Uniting voices from all evangelical denominations (from Brethren to Baptists and Pentecostals), a weekly newsletter service grew into a homepage updated three times a week.

After some young journalists helped form a daily news team, the site started to produce contents on a daily base. The base of external columnists grew larger as a growing readership visited the site from other Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America.

Among the initiatives of Protestante Digital in these 20 years are the creation of the Unamuno Prize: Friends of Protestants, and books like Protestant Stylebook or Evangelicals in the New Era of Communication (both in Spanish language).

Through its media initiative Areópago Protestante, the Spanish Evangelical Alliance (the entity backing Protestante Digital) decided to launch its pioneer daily news project for Europe, Evangelical Focus, in 2015. In 2018, the third project, Evangélico Digital, starts with a focus on Latin America.

Read more about the vision and story of the Areópago Protestante journalistic projects here








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