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“I said goodbye to my son with a great sense of peace in my heart”

Iván Vázquez (33) with cerebral palsy, died from the Coronavirus. His mother Myriam shares how her faith in God helped her be with her son until his final breath.

FUENTES Protestante Digital AUTOR 16/Daniel_Hofkamp TRADUCTOR Jason Noble MALLORCA 14 DE JULIO DE 2020 17:02 h
Iván and his mother, Myriam Chamorro.

Myriam Chamorro Martí lives in Palma de Mallorca (Spain), where she arrived from Argentina. She is an evangelical Christian, a member of the “Centre Cristià” church in the capital city of the Balearic Islands.

The moving story of the death of her son Iván has crossed borders, making news not only locally, but also in the media of her home country.

She tells Spanish news website Protestante Digital how the events unfolded, which have allowed thousands of people to learn about how knowing Jesus is a balm for the soul and an anchor in the face of difficulties


Outbreak, confinement and anguish

“I am the mother of Iván Vázquez Chamorro. He caught Coronavirus at the day centre he was attending, but we didn't find out until a week later”, she explained. This happened in March, when the pandemic hit Spain and the toughest confinement measures were announced.

“The morning of March 16 I took him to the hospital and he was admitted, I stayed with him. My son had suffered from oxygen deficiency during birth and had infantile cerebral palsy, which had left him with an intellectual disability. Although he was 33 years old, his cognitive ability was that of a 3 or 4 year old; because of this, they allowed me to stay with him in the room”, says Myriam.

This made for a unique quarantine. Since Iván had contracted the virus and could not have visitors, Myriam decided to stay in the same hospital room with him. “They left us in an isolated room, I couldn't even go out into the hallway”, she explained.

[photo_footer] Iván Vázquez Chamorro.  [/photo_footer] 

Although time passed slowly in the room, the circumstances were very difficult. “On Wednesday morning, the doctor came to talk to me and told me that there was nothing left to do, that they would not intubate him or put him in the ICU, and asked if I wanted them to give him some sedatives so that he would fall asleep and not suffer from oxygen failure. Obviously I did not accept it because there was still a possibility that he could get better”.

They were moments of anguish and Myriam recorded a video telling what was happening.

“I uploaded a live video for social media where I explained what was happening and asked the people of God for prayer. We immediately received support from people, and in the following days I dedicated myself to singing with him, reading Psalms to him and praying together. They were very hard days, but I could see how the Lord was with us”, she said.

Iván's health situation was very complicated. “Every day his condition was managed with morphine so that he could relax and breathe. On Sunday, March 22, they let my daughter and my husband in to say goodbye to him, and they sedated him because his situation was so desperate”, recalled his mother.


“Iván left with the Lord in the midst of songs and prayers”

The next day Iván Vázquez’s situation was irreversible. “On Monday he left with the Lord in the midst of complete peace, together with his family and in the midst of songs and prayers, by video call we were able to speak with our relatives in Argentina and from here in Palma and with the pastors of the church and some beloved friends”, says Myriam.

After that, the family had to be in quarantine for fifteen days. “Because of the virus we were put in isolation. I did not leave the house at all, but the Lord used the videos made in the hospital so that his name would be glorified. Many television and radio channels called to interview me. I think that people could not understand why I had peace in the midst of what happened. I had the opportunity to share Christ, sometimes more and sometimes less. I spoke of the peace that I had, knowing that I would see him again in heaven and that I knew that he was no longer suffering and that, when I saw him, it would be with a healthy body”, explained Myriam.

The pain of his absence is present. Myriam shared that it is “very difficult that he is no longer with me, but it will only be for a little while, and then we will have all of eternity to be together”.

In a video posted some days ago, Myriam Chamorro explained where this hope comes from. “The Bible says that the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. We believe in the peace that we have been able to experience through the knowledge of Jesus Christ. We believe that everything God does is for good. I believe that all that He wants from me is that I fully trust that He is present in my life. Do not get carried away by what people or the media say, God is the only one we can fully trust and has the answers for our lives”.





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