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Without commitment, you can't grow in any area, be it sport, work, or relationships, much less in your spiritual life.

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Derek Redmond was determined to finish the race at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics , no matter what. / [link]Drek Redmon facebook[/link].

It was one of the most striking images from the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. The sporting career of Britain's DEREK REDMOND had been plagued by injury, so that he had never before been able to take part in the Olympics.

Halfway through the 400m race, he fell and pulled a muscle. Redmond finished the last 200m limping, helped along by his father. He was determined to finish the race, no matter what.

Today, it's hard to find people committed to their jobs, ideals, family, outside relationships, etc. It's as if commitment were old-fashioned, especially commitment to God.

But you know, without commitment, you can't grow in any area, be it sport, work, or relationships, much less in your spiritual life.

In the Bible, God tells us about people who should be teachers, but are still beginners due to their lack of commitment to him. There's nothing sadder than being an eternal beginner.

We are all the best at some times in our lives; at others, we disappear completely. One day we are disciplined, consecrated to God and we'd go to the ends of the earth for him, if necessary.

The next day, we cannot even get out of bed!  We do a tough balancing act in life, with one foot in good and the other in evil.

One minute we act like Christians, and the next we are the bad guys! There are many gaps in our relationships with God, with others, and with the Church.

But God expects his children to be committed to him, his word, his church, and his gospel. He wants us to commit ourselves to his service, to being the kind of people who can turn the world upside down for love of him.

Live committed to God!




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