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Learn from the past, avoid its mistakes, and learn to trust more in God.

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Sylvie Fréchette in Barcelona 92./ [link]Canada Olympic team[/link] CCO.

During the synchronised swimming finals in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, Canada's SYLVIE FRECHETTE suffered one of the greatest injustices in sporting history.

She lost the gold medal because one of the judges wrote 8.7 by mistake for 9.7. A few weeks earlier Sylvie's fiancé had committed suicide. The poor swimmer could only say, "I'm going home to reflect on my life".

Sometimes we need to take time to think and go back over our actions. You can learn a lot this way, not only when you win, but more especially when you lose.

It's like reliving the past, our time, to see if we know how to use it.


1. Admit your mistakes

When you've erred, admit it and think about what you've done wrong, asking forgiveness if need be. Remember that verse: "All the people had been weeping..."

In sport, and in personal or family relationships, specially in your relationship with God, it's vital to admit your mistakes.

2. Learn from your mistakes

If you confess but don't learn from your mistakes, you're only halfway there. God lets us fall sometimes so that we can learn from him. If we don't, we'll live in a state of constant failure.

A wise man once said: "People who forget the past are destined to repeat it". Sometimes we need to look over the past to find out where we've gone wrong. It's dangerous to repeat past mistakes.

3. Forget your failures and keep going

Neither failure nor victory is permanent. If you've fallen, don't just lie there. Next time, things may be different! If you've won, be careful; don't think you've nothing more to learn.

Remember that God always offers us forgiveness; come to him and leave things in his hands. No memory has the right to torment you, just as no victory should make you believe you don't need God.

4. Look forward to the next game

Turn the page and concentrate on the future; it's like starting from scratch.

Learn from the past, avoid its mistakes, and learn to trust more in God.




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Debbie Haughland Chan
08:04 h
Wise advice as I struggle with overeating. Thank you!

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