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We have to hold out until the end, when God will publicly reveal the truth.

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Eddy Merckx. / [link]Hans Peters. Wikimedia Commons.[/link]

Eddy Merckx was one of the greatest cyclists of all time. He was a sportsman 100% of the time. He was favourite for the 1969 Giro of Italy, threatening to break Italian Fausto Coppi's record of winning five Giros.

However, in one of the final heats, the organisation disqualified Merckx, saying he had tested positive for drugs.

No-one could believe it! Months later a letter was received in which a spectator confessed to handing Merckx a bottle of adulterated water in the course of the race. Eddy Merckx won the next year's Giro.

It is really a difficult situation. Only you yourself know that you aren't guilty as charged. Everyone believes you are, in spite of explanations and your past record. One little lie is enough to make everyone turn their backs.

You don't know what to do. Few things are so discouraging as lies, those thousands of little injustices committed every day.

The Lord Jesus shared this experience. No-one was ever lied about as much as he was. No-one has done more, or ever will, for humanity than he, and yet everyone made up lies to condemn him.

This shows the envy of the powerless, the rage of the inferior, and the cynicism of those who can't achieve things any other way. Little lies and accusations add up to a big injustice.

But God tells us that things won't end there, because he is in control, both of world history and of our individual lives. That's why he teaches us not to worry if people lie about us because of our faith in him.

He himself will set things right in his time, the right time. God always makes sure the truth comes out; he won't let evil hold sway forever. God spoke the first word in the universe, and he'll have the last word, too.

I know it's easy to say, but we have to hold out until the end, when God will publicly reveal the truth.

Meanwhile we have to trust in him, in spite of accusations, in spite of hard times. God will never let us down.




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