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The world’s best goal

The only way to have a complete life in every sense of the word is to be anchored in God.

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Brazil national team at Italy 1990 World Cup. / [link][/link]

During the 1990 World Cup in Italy, one quote made all the news reports and touched people's consciences: “No World Cup goal is as valuable as an encounter with God” .

It was said by one of the Brazilians, BISMARCK, who was known to be a Christian and a member of Athletes for Christ. While everyone was enjoying the games, many people had to stop and reflect on those words.

Media reports often ponder the causes of society's problems. They wonder what causes deep depression in thousands who seem to have it all, materially speaking. They search for the reason why suicide is growing all over the world, especially among university graduates.

As always, the solution to mankind's deepest problems is a simple one, so simple that many miss it completely.

Anyone whose happiness depends on an object will lose that happiness the moment the object is lost, or no longer satisfies. If our security lies in perishable things, it will surely disappear.

The only way to have a complete life in every sense of the word is to be anchored in God. Nothing else brings the security gained by a personal relationship with God. Nothing can compare with God's friendship.

God often speaks of the importance of spending quiet times with Him. Time to converse with Him, meditate, and tell Him about our plans and problems. Time to tell our best Friend about our disappointments, and especially our joys. Time alone with God.

Seek His face; it's truly time well spent. The time of our lives. Have you taken time to be alone with God today?




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