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God is very clear, either you are or you are not. There are not “almost” believers.

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Los Angeles Lakers basketall player, Elgin Baylor . / [link]nba.com[/link]

ELGIN BAYLOR was the star player of the Lakers during the 60s. Considered one of the best players in the history of basketball, he was selected for a period of 10 years!

He was an integral part of the “dream team" of the NBA...but he never won the league, a great player but an “ALMOST” champion.

Imagine that one day you have a very important appointment and you are going to catch the train. You arrive at the station almost on time: but you are just one minute late, so you miss the train.

Or perhaps, in one of the final school exams you do good work, almost good enough to pass, but just one mark short of the passmark, and you fail. For so little! How many times have we listened to those words!

Day after day we hear examples of people who almost get what they had intended, but they failed. Almost, an evil word. You can be "almost" everything, and still be almost” nothing.

If you are “just going to” and don't carry it out, it can be serious in your life, but even more so in your spiritual life! God doesn't know half measures. Neither are people “almost” believers.

God is very clear, either you are or you are not. Being almost doesn't mean anything: Being at the door doesn't mean you are inside, you are still outside.

It is very dangerous to live in the land of the “almost”. To listen to God's message and think “it's good”; to know the way to salvation and say “that's nice”; to go to a church in which you hear that Jesus is Lord and say; “that's true”; and to still be lost!

One can even be the child of a believer and listen to the word of God at home every day: almost make a decision, but end up doing nothing! One can be almost committed to the gospel!

One can be at the very gates of heaven and be within reach of the mercy of God, and be completely lost. History gives thousands of examples of men and women who almost knew the Lord.

People who were almost safe. They allowed the opportunity to pass. They waited for the following day, for the following moment, for the next decision, and they died, completely lost!

Everybody who hopes to be saved at the eleventh hour, dies at 10.50. Don't stay in the "almost". Commit yourself to God today, RIGHT NOW. Hell is full of "almost safe" people.




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