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Jaime Fernandez

Conquer or die

Which team do you belong to? Is Jesus your Lord? Don't be ashamed of it!

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The pennants hanging from the ceiling denote the years in which the Celtics have won the championship.

According to the greatest basketball players, there is no other sporting experience quite like playing in the BOSTON GARDEN, the basketball court where the Celtics of the NBA play.

It's an old court and not very comfortable; there are neither cheer-leaders nor orchestras... the only special things are the pennants hanging from the ceiling, which denote the years in which the Celtics have won the championship.

More than anything else, it is this display that leaves an impression; no other team has won so many championships as they have, and when opposing teams play there, all they see are these symbols of victory!

It is the Celtic pride, the desire to win. It does not matter which players are in the Boston squad, every year they are a winning team.

There was a day in history when the greatest battle of the universe was let loose. On one side were the rulers of evil under the command of the Devil, who had managed to introduce this evil crew to planet earth, with the intention of controlling the majority of its population under his reign of slavery and sin.

On the other side was God Himself, the Creator, who had poured out his love over all his creation. Will you choose slavery rather than freedom?

The scene of the battle was a simple cross. There Jesus Christ, God made man, took on Himself all the sin and wickedness of every man and woman on earth. The blame was laid on Him, and it took Him to His death.

God allowed this to take place; it was the first step towards freedom. Over three days the lifeless body of Jesus, sealed in a tomb, was the palpable proof that evil had won... at least that is what the Devil and his cohorts probably believed.

Suddenly, in the second phase of the fight, Jesus Christ rose from the dead and appeared once again to his disciples. He defeated sin and death for ever. The Bible says that the Lord displayed publicly the victor's trophies.

All the edicts, resolutions and pronouncements that declare us guilty are now transformed by the power of Jesus, and no longer have any power over us, because Jesus took them upon himself, nailing them to the cross. He is the victor: history, and the world know it.

Everyone wants to be on the winning side. Everyone recognises a winner. In heaven, on earth, and in the whole universe, the history of the cross is written, with the Lord's victory shout.

One day this victory will be realised by all, but it will only be valid for those who have signed up on the winning team.

Which team do you belong to? Is Jesus your Lord? Don't be ashamed of it! The entire universe belongs to our King, and therefore...we are more than conquerors!




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