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Will Graham

Joy is a duty

God is good, good, good with a capital 'G'.

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God is good. So amazingly good! Good, good, good…! Good with a capital ‘G’!

The Almighty Creator of heaven and earth, the Sovereign One over all is so good to us that He commands our joyfulness! No pagan deity ever demanded that of their worshippers.

Through the apostle Paul, the Spirit of God commanded the Philippians to “rejoice in the Lord always” (Philippians 4:4) and that Thessalonians to “rejoice evermore” (1 Thessalonians 5:16).

In other words, joy is a duty. It is a matter of evangelical obedience.

Arthur Pink put it like this: “The Lord has not left it to our option whether we should be glad or sad, but has made happiness an obligation. Not to rejoice is a sin of omission”.

So, dear reader, are you rejoicing? Are you full of the joy of the Spirit of God? Is there a sweet song of praise in your soul rising up unto the Lord of all joy?

How, then, can you stir up these holy emotions if you are somewhat downcast?

The trick is rediscovering the glorious Gospel of the triumphant Son of God day by day.

It is feasting constantly upon the good news –the joyful news- of Christ crucified and resurrected for us hell-bound wretches.

It is unearthing the hidden love of God the Father in the face of the Son.

It is experiencing the blessed kiss of the indwelling Spirit of God who fills us again and again with the knowledge of the excellence and sufficiency of the Lord Jesus.

The Gospel, we must remember, is not only powerful to save us eternally; but it is also an endless fount of celestial joy which refreshes the believer’s soul throughout his daily battles.

So whatever your state or situation, keep the Gospel ever-present in your mind.

Let the Gospel of Christ set you alight!

Let the Gospel of Christ turn your mourning into dancing!

Let the Gospel of Christ make you sing: “God is good. So amazingly good! Good, good, good...! Good with a capital ‘G’!

Joy, my friend, is a duty! So get rejoicing! The sooner the better!




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