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Jaime Fernandez

Quiet please

Verbal abuse starts a destructive spiral, unpredictable and unstoppable, that frequently ends in violence.

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Today we're not going to discuss a particular athlete, or an important event, or a spectacular sport. We're going to discuss one of the most frequently practised sports in the world.

It's called “Spectadorius insultus” and it's well known to thousands of people who only go to sporting events in order to shout and insult others.

These foolish people care little for sport, or for the beauty of the game; they just want to yell at someone, and they always find a target.

Sometimes it's the referee, the opposing team's coach, other spectators, or even the members of their home team! They just want to yell and insult someone - anyone.

Not long ago a study was made of different groups of football supporters, revealing more than three thousand commonly used insults! They may be directed at players, managers, coaches, referees, and rivals - anyone is fair game in this sport.

Many people forget that verbal abuse starts a destructive spiral, unpredictable and unstoppable, that frequently ends in violence. Insults lead to threats and, possibly, physical harm.

The end of the chain may even be the death of one of the contenders. A fool is never satisfied with less, since verbal abuse means the humiliation and degradation of another. “If you can make it worse, do so”, seems to be their motto.

Please, control your tongue. If you don't, who will? Think before you speak; remember that you might hurt others. Don't slander, complain, insult or shout at others; they're worth much more than you think. You yourself are much more important than you imagine. Don't lower yourself by talking of worthless things.




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