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Alain Auderset

Crazy work

I really have to go for a walk.

APPOINTMENT WITH GOD AUTOR 11/Alain_Auderset 09 DE DICIEMBRE DE 2017 17:15 h
Illustration: Alain Auderset.


#@[]|¿ ! !... Who may this be at this ungodly hour?

‘God told me, ‘you should write the sequel to Harry Potter!’ A Christian version, naturally...!! exclaimes enthusiastically a fellow Christian, at the other end of the line.

Well, what a start to this day. But it’s weird, how come God has to tell him this so early in the morning?! Couldn't he do it when no one is sleeping?


In my workshop, this past while… 

In the workshop, there’s already one person on the phone, a second who’s waiting to be put through, a colleague just behind me who’s tapping his foot in impatience, trying to make me understand that time’s getting on (thankfully he’s there to tell me so!), the apprentice –who’s already turned a shade of green- has decided to hold his breathe until I tell him where I’ve hidden the eraser that’s at his workstation (Ah, yes, there it is...).

Then there’s the friend who’s coming to see me (because the phone’s always engaged) to tell me that we’ll call each other later because his train is just about to leave.

There’s also the very well-meaning individual who’s telling me what I should do when I win this lottery game (which I don’t actually play).

The computer throws a tantrum ‘unexpectedly quit application’, an entire section of frame has fallen off the wall and for three whole days, no-one has had the time to sweep up the pieces of glass strewn over the floor. A friend, who wanted to repair the hanging hooks, fell off the ladder and broke his nose (for real), and just at this moment, my little son Benjamin, calls to me for help, because a tribe of Pygmies is pelting him with coconuts. I take a while to realize that this is happening in a video game, because it would fit in just fine with what’s going on in this workshop.... 

I really have to go for a walk!


In the woods, all the time... 

Here must be thousands of trees, all growing at the same time, but the silence is amazing!

I lay all these things that cannot possibly be done by the deadline that has already been and gone, at the feet of Jesus.

Crossing the vast expanse of meadowland, I was struck by a little of the greatness of God.

The knowledge that He is up on the top of this mountain, watching me, and at the same time, right beside me, whispering into my ear through the song of a bird that expresses such a sweet-sounding joy, makes a real impression on me.

Here in the Jura region, the autumn air is cool, but a hot breeze envelops me.

I look about me, but there’s no giant air ducts to be seen (!?)

A ray of sunshine falls softly against my cheek.

I feel a Peace being downloaded in me and my prayer is that everybody whom I meet will be able to share in this.

I return to the workshop (where people were wondering where I could have got to!).

A huge pile of ‘the impossible’ has built up!

But now it’s ok, I’ve filled up on ‘the possible’.





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