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Alain Auderset

In Montreal, the bakeries are something else!

This kind of situation has Jesus written all over it…

APPOINTMENT WITH GOD AUTOR 11/Alain_Auderset TRADUCTOR Nicky Seadon 16 DE JULIO DE 2017 11:00 h
Image: Alain Auderset.

It’s not just a place for flogging croissants to customers … Oh no. 

This is the place where students stay to do their homework, old people to read the newspapers and comic book artists from the Swiss Jura, from 14 Malathe St., called Alain, do their drawing, in between two comedy shows.

‘Can I have breakfast with you?’ a total stranger asks me (yes, that’s how it is, it’s quite normal: people have a habit of being nice).

Very quickly I hit it off with the guy and his girlfriend. She has terrific green wellies, a wicked smile and messy hair, totally in harmony with the place and the atmosphere.

The cheerful discussion which ensues is accompanied by a third voice, sung by the cool morning air, directed by the hand of an invisible conductor, playing with all the elements present.

His brilliance and genius reach their peak at the very moment when this complex symphony is expressed through the simplicity of sharing.

Suddenly, they both stop talking, looking at the drawing that I am sketching as I speak. Something visibly shocks them…

However, it’s just the simple sketch which my hand produced on the sly, before they even arrived, taking advantage of the fact that my thoughts were elsewhere.

It’s of a little character encumbered by a huge tumour on the left side of his face… (a story for my next comic book). 

 The Canadian man, with a puzzled look on his face, then asks me this strange question:

‘Is that a portrait of me?’

I don’t understand his question… How could I have drawn his portrait? I had never come across him before.

He then turns his face, revealing as he does so his left profile which I hadn’t been able to see until now and I understand.

He has an enormous scar, tell-tale sign of a recent operation. Not long ago, he looked exactly like this drawing…

All the people present at the table stare at me, rather taken aback, conscious of the supernatural in the situation…

‘Er, yeeees, this is quite normal! You’re only noticing him now, but God is sitting at this table with me, as he always is, and this kind of situation has Jesus written all over it…

Can I introduce you…?




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