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History is His story!

God is the Lord of history, both of the universe and of the personal history of each one of us.

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Bob Beamon at 1968 Mexico Olympics. / photo via [link]La Razón[/link]

BOB BEAMON'S first jump in the Olympic games held in Mexico (1968), made history with a length of 8.9m. 

This world record remained unbeaten until 1991. Bob declined to carry on jumping, given the impact caused by this first jump.

No one knew how to explain the reason for this record, neither from previous jumps, or subsequent ones, nor because of wind or altitude... no one knew how it happened since Bob never reached anything like this length again.

Everything depended on the one ecstatic moment, although it continues an unexplainable one. I do not know if Bob believed in God or not, but it is certain that all our lives are in the hands of God.

Not only the lives of thousands of millions of people, but also the universe itself. God is the Lord of history.

Sometimes things occur that are beyond our understanding and it seems as if certain events have escaped God's control.

When we hear of brutal wars, or natural catastrophes or when we see that evil is governing every square inch of society, it may indeed seem as though God is not at all concerned, or that he's waiting for the right moment to act.

Meanwhile we fear that events are out of his control. It is not that way at all, for the Bible tells us that God is behind everything that occurs, nothing escapes his hands, and nothing interferes with his plans.

He is not a tyrannical dictator doing what he pleases. No, the Bible tells us that he is Love, and is working at all times for our good.

The great thing about God is that his plans are always carried out. 

Despite the apparent determination of mankind to destroy things, God shows his power, not so much through doing good where it already exists, but by bringing about good from man's bad decisions.

Do what we will; we cannot spoil God's plans. He is the God of history.

We should not worry. Knowing that God is in control means that we should confide in him; however much our enemies fight against us and try to destroy us, they won't be able to.

God is the Lord of history, both of the universe and of the personal history of each one of us.




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