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Life in the fast lane

God promises us abundant life. Nothing in our world can teach us the secret of happiness.

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Jim Clark in 1968. / [link] Jim Clark Trust[/link], Wikimedia commons.

JIM CLARK was twice the Formula One world champion.

Many said that he would be the new record holder, since he was young and a very good driver, but he died in a Formula

Two race on July 4, 1968. He should never have taken part in that race, and he didn't take it seriously.

Great things have been lost through little mistakes. One stain spoils a perfect portrait. One mistake ruins a perfect performance. One microbe makes a sterilized scalpel useless.

A happy, radiant, full life is sometimes destroyed by a moment of foolishness.

Many great lives have been lost because of seemingly unimportant things. When we think of young people today, we realise that there have never been so many different ways to have fun - and we have never seen so many lives destroyed by entertainment  that looks safe at first glance.

It gets dangerous when it starts to take control. When you become obsessed with something, it stops your spiritual growth.

A seemingly innocent pastime can get completely out of hand. Never forget Peter's words: "A man is the slave of anything that has mastered him." (2 Peter 2:19)

People look for entertainment that takes their mind off their problems. They only have a good time when they are able to forget the emptiness of their lives.

That explains the growing popularity of certain recreational activities designed to isolate us from normal life.

Noise and darkness are a big part of this: thousands of young people go into dark, noisy clubs to stop thinking, and to feel free to do certain things unseen.

It is really a smoke screen to hide their own inner emptiness and frustration.

Many are just following the crowd because they are unable to think for themselves. If this is sad, how much sadder it is to know that young Christians fall into the same trap!

Do they live with the same emptiness? Maybe they just don't dare to stand out!

God promises us abundant life. Nothing in our world can teach us this secret of happiness.

If we mess about with evil - or it messes about with us - it will destroy us, just as it destroys thousands of youngsters each year by enslaving them to these corrupt practices.

A slave cannot teach you anything; you should be teaching him where to find abundant life.




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