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Sweating through your clothes

God is not ashamed to be our God, so we should not embarrass Him by doing things “any old how”.

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Pyambu Tuul finished four hours after the end of the Barcelona Olympics marathon. / Photo via [link]rac1[/link].

In Spanish they call it “sweating through your clothes”  when an athlete gives 110%.

For example, Mongolia's PYAMBU TUUL took part in the Marathon at the Barcelona Olympics; he finished four hours after the end of the race.

He was taken to a different building, because in the Olympic stadium people were already singing and dancing in the closing ceremonies.

I think he deserved better. He showed his greatness as a runner by not giving up until he had run the whole race.

“Help wanted”. How often we have seen this sign! Nowadays it's not so hard to find employees as it is to find real help: good students, good athletes, good friends, good Christians, etc.

I am not saying that most of them are bad, but few people “sweat through their clothes”.

Let me explain: many people think it is enough to do things “any old how”. It doesn't seem to matter if you do it right, as long as you get it done.

For example, most students care more about passing exams than actually learning anything. To many employees, the salary is more important than a job well done.

Before investing, few businessmen think about the best way to provide more jobs and a better standard of living for their city, they concentrate on profit and climbing the social ladder.

Those attitudes are acted upon in different ways. The student only studies just before an exam; the worker only does his best when his boss is looking; the businessman lines his own pockets.

But God sees things differently. Even if there is no exam, or the boss is not looking, or no one realises you are fiddling your taxes, God sees you, and he will be your judge.

You should not just be a student, employee, businessman, etc. You should be the best; the one who does things right, and gives 110%.

The children of God should stand out as good workers. God is not ashamed to be our God, so we should not embarrass him by doing things “any old how”.




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