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God’s finger

Behind every free choice, each decision, each act, God is guiding everything towards his final objective.

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GERD "Torpedo" MULLER was one of the best scorers in the history of German football.

He won the European Championship, not only with his team (Bayern Munich), but also with the German national team, with which he also won the World Championship.

Few players scored as many goals as he did. But the first time he attended training, the coach said: What am I supposed to do with this fat peasant?

Have you ever been annoyed to hear someone talk nonsense like this in public? Ever want to tell them a few home truths?

I am sure we all have felt that way sometimes. Often those 'experts' would do better to keep their mouths shut.

Fortunately, they do not have the last word. God says that we will all have to give an account for everything we say on Judgment Day, so we already know who makes the final decision.

The finger of God is behind everything. God decides history, and no one can change that.

He makes his plans, and everything takes its proper place. No one can escape God's plan: behind every free choice, each decision, each act, God is guiding everything towards his final objective.

God is not a dictator, as we understand the term. Our minds and circumstances inform our decisions. Our lives are the result of many choices, some right, some wrong.

We have no right to blame God for our own actions, but his hand controls the ultimate results. Nothing escapes his will, because he always has the last word.




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