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How is your vision?

If we settle for very little, are easily exhausted, or give up the fight, it is because we are not people of vision.

FINISH LINE AUTOR 17/Jaime_Fernandez 21 DE ENERO DE 2024 17:00 h
England's goalkeeper, Peter Shilton. / [link]Peter Shilton web[/link]

When he was a child, he would hang by his short arms to make them grow. Between the ages of 20 and 40, he was always the last to leave training sessions, always perfecting his style, always learning new things.

"If you don't have vision, someone can come along and push you aside", he said. He played more than 100 international matches with the England football team, including the semi-final of the 1990 Italian World Cup.

When he was 40, PETER SHILTON was still one of the best goal keepers in the world.

The world belongs to people with vision; the men and women who stand out in history are the ones who can see the way forward. You don't have to be special to have this quality. The secret is knowing exactly where you are going.

God is looking for people of vision, whose only aim is reaching the world with the gospel of Jesus. People with clear goals, who do not give up, no matter what.

If we settle for very little, are easily exhausted, or give up the fight, it is because we are not people of vision. Do you know why? Vision is based on faith: if our faith is small, our vision won't be very big.

Do not be fooled; there is no magic recipe to increase your faith. Hundreds of times we read about 'how to increase your faith', 'five specific steps to greater faith', etc.

Those titles sound good, but they do not give us the key. The FOUNDATION of our faith is the important thing, and that is Christ.

When we trust in him, our faith is strengthened. When we look only at our faith, it gets weaker. The secret is to look to Jesus in every situation.

You have to keep using your vision. There are many souls to win, and much territory to conquer.

Do not stop after just three blows; go and see your spiritual optician. We all need greater vision.




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