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God is not finished with me yet

Christian growth takes place in the shadows, day by day, through everyday struggles and dependence on God's Spirit

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Photo: [link]Jani Kaasinen[/link], Unsplash CC0.

There is no game more exciting than chess. If you study the rules, you will realise how unique it is.

For one thing, the pawn is the least important piece on the board, but if it manages to cross the board to the eighth row, step by step, square by square, it can become a queen, the most valuable piece!

I always remember that lesson because when I was a child I had the privilege of participating in simultaneous matches with World Chess Champion, ANATOLY KARPOV, in my hometown of Ourense.

From the moment we make the most important decision of our life, to believe and trust in God for all eternity, we are like those little pawns in chess. God is working to develop our character.

Faithfulness is the essence of God's character, as we read in Lamentations 3:23: 'Great is your faithfulness'. So we know that he is not going to give up until he's finished with us; until he has transformed our characters to be like that of the King.

Sometimes life gets hard. We all fall in different ways and get discouraged when we're defeated.

We forget that the character and the image of God's son, Jesus, are being shaped in us day by day, step by step, moment by moment.

Like the pawn that only advances one square at a time, we are able to look back and check our progress over the last few days, months, and years.

We may have to struggle with someone who is stronger than we are. Remember, the pawn is the weakest piece on the board.

The key to success lies in doing exactly what God wants us to do. He controls all the pieces. Never forget that pawns are the key to the game.

We cannot move around very much, we don't have much power, we don't impress anybody... but, wait! God hasn't finished with us yet. Sometimes, everything depends on the movements of a mere pawn.

The success of great men and women is often amazing. It's not wrong to admire them, but remember, when they were simple pawns nobody knew them.

Christian growth takes place in the shadows, day by day, through everyday struggles and dependence on God's Spirit. He has not finished with you yet, has he? There is nothing better than being a pawn in his hands!




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