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You are going too far

You are free to choose whatever you want, but not to choose the effects of your actions.

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Kenny Dalglish today. / [link]Liverpool Football Club[/link]

The Scottish football team is always one of the best teams in world cups, but it is also always one of the first teams to be eliminated.

The joke is, will the fans be back home before the postcards they send to their friends in Scotland?

Even in the 1982 World Cup that took place in Spain when they had the star of the Liverpool team, KENNY DALGLISH, they were eliminated very quickly. The reason? Almost always it is the irresponsibility in behaviour and the extravagance of some of the members of the team.

Stories about people who go too far in something, are common. Living as one feels like it, is a dream for some people. Of course, no one wants to bear the consequences of their actions.

It is a difficult dilemma, because if we go too far we will suffer the discipline, since no sin remains unpunished. In the same way that the physical laws of nature cannot be broken without feeling the effects, neither can it be done with the moral and spiritual laws.

That is why more people than ever before are contracting diseases as a direct result of their habits.

When humanity destroys the defense mechanism of the natural environment and mankind that of their own bodies, through pollution, bad diet, tobacco etc, nature punishes us with cancer and other problems.

When we succumb to the desire of owning everything that we see, and to earning more and more, nature reacts with the typical symptoms of stress.

When our minds are not in perfect relationship to God and our thoughts become changeable and uncontrollable, depression takes possession of us.

When we trust only in material things and our confidence is based on what we can see, our spiritual problems start. Our heart suffers and can even break.

When we have an emptiness in our life, and our only objective is having a good time whatever happens, all kinds of addictions (alcohol, drugs, gambling) enslave us and ruin our lives.

We cannot run away from the consequences when we go too far. You are free to choose whatever you want, but not to choose the effects of your actions.

That is set in advance; God himself is the one who writes the laws of nature.




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