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I want to thank

Write down all the things that God has given you, and  the people who have done things for you in the last few years, and thank Him for them.

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Claudio Taffarel and Roberto Baggio at 1994 FIFA World Cup. / [link]@90sfootball [/link], CC.

The last act of the 1994 Football World Cup that took place in the USA, was a penalty kick by BAGGIO of Italy against TAFFAREL (Brazil).

If Taffarel saved the penalty, Brazil would win the World Cup. He didn't, but Brazil won because Baggio shot the penalty over the bar. Taffarel just knelt and lifted his hands towards the sky to thank God.

Jesus healed ten lepers who had no hope of life. He gave them the chance to be normal again. They didn't have to be outcasts any more; they didn't have to shout when someone approached them.

Now they could leave the dark caves and walk on the streets and in the markets with a new life, healthy and happy. But out of the ten, only one returned to say thank you for being healed. Only one grateful man against nine ungrateful.

In which team are we? In the thankful one? Or the thankless? I suppose that you have read Psalm 103. Many of the Psalms come directly from the grateful heart of a son of God.

And this is one of those that gives more reasons to thank him:

1. For all His benefits. (v.2)

2. God forgives all our sins. (v.3)

3. Heals all our diseases. (v.3)

4. Redeems our lives. (v.4)

5. He fills us with love and tenderness. (v.4)

6. He satisfies our desires with good things. (v.5)

7. He renews our youth. (v.5)

8. The Lord is a righteous Judge. (v.5)

9. The Lord teaches us. (v.7)

10. He does not treat us as our sins deserve. (v.10)

You can continue the list till the end of the Psalm and then do your own list.

Yes, write it down, because you can't be thankful if you don't express it verbally.

Write down all the things that God has given you in the last few years and thank him for them.

Write down the people who have done things for you and thank him sincerely.

Don't look only through your past. Find a notebook, which you can keep for years and write down in it all the good things that you are receiving day by day.

Write all that God is doing in your life and the things that other people do for you: your family, friends, brothers and sisters at church, team-mates; and don't ever forget all those blessings.




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