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The world our home

This world cannot be our home if there is no place for Jesus Christ and for love, truth, hope, dreams, peace, joy and kindness.

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Nobby Stiles. / [link]@HablaDeportes[/link]

In England's 1966 World Cup winning team there was an outstanding player, NOBBY STILES, the central defender.

It was said that he was one of the hardest players in the history of the game. Sometimes he was so violent that, as a joke, some of his teammates remarked that he was the best publicity his father's business had ever had. His father was an undertaker.

The whole world is affected by evil. The world has rejected God and millions of people completely ignore him. The world enjoys wickedness, cruelty and violence. This world is not our home.

A place in which ill treatment of children, abandoning them and even trading with them, takes place just for personal profit, cannot be our home.

A place in which millions of human beings are killed even before they are born, cannot be our home.

A world in which death rules can't be our home. Terrorism and wars demolish innocent lives, and crimes for pleasure or money are daily news.

A world that walks towards physical and spiritual destruction, can't be our home.

It is a world that humans have spoiled and hurt, a world where people enjoy destroying animals, plants, and all God's creatures.

It cannot be our home if deceit is king, and liars are stars. Millions of deceivers make their living through religion, politics, the media and immoral practices.

It is a place ruled by people who discriminate on grounds of gender, race, disability, culture, nationality or religion, and it cannot be our home.

A world which enjoys spreading evil in all its manifestations, a world that wrecks and kills, a world full of men and women who have never cried, can't be our home.

This world cannot be our home if there's no place for JESUS CHRIST or for love, truth, hope, dreams, peace, joy and kindness.

Perhaps we will be refused in the world, because there's no place for God here. But this world is not our home.




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