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Alain Auderset


 – “I beg your pardon?”  – “Yes, the person you need to see is Mr Crow! Come this way, follow me, I’ll introduce him to you, I’m his wife!”

APPOINTMENT WITH GOD AUTOR 11/Alain_Auderset TRADUCTOR Nicky Seadon 19 DE FEBRERO DE 2017 18:05 h
crow, comic Image: Alain Auderset

I am passing through Quebec, but I haven’t found a forest (it has to be said that I am right in town) but hey… there are some quiet streets so, as per usual, before my day starts, I walk with the Lord (fortunately, He’s invisible)...

I am just asking him how to reach this country where so few people know him when all of a sudden something bizarre happens: two crows come towards me to tell me things…

- “Er, Lord… I really sense that you are trying to say something to me but… sorry, I don’t understand ‘crow’ language … (now, if it was just Quebec French…)”. 

A bit perturbed (let’s say, a bit more than usual), I continue on my way; I mull over verses about this animal... but no, it obviously has to do with something else…

Later that day, I am walking around the Comic Book Festival of Quebec, which I have been invited to (er… to be honest, I kind of invited myself). I go up to a lady and ask her, point blank:

- “Tell me, if I wanted the largest distributor in the whole country, who should I see?”

She looks at me and says to me:

- “Crow”

- “I beg your pardon?”

- “Yes, the person you need to see is Mr Crow!”

I can’t get over it...

- “Come this way, follow me, I’ll introduce him to you, I’m his wife!”

She introduces me to Mr Crow who happens to be a very influential person (and, incidentally, a Swiss guy in exile, delighted to meet one of his fellow countrymen)... Very quickly we hit it off with each other. In my pocket I have my new comic book - still a work in progress - on a thumb drive and I show it to him on a computer that’s lying around in the corner. 

- “It’s incredible, this comic book!” he exclaims. 

And he shows it to other business leaders who, intrigued, buy a few books from me.

On the final day, a female senior executive, touched by reading Conventional Wisdom 2 promises me that she will discuss it further.


The wall has tumbled!

Friday, 3 September 2010: the signed contract is in my hands...

I am moved writing these lines, because my comic books are going to be able to make it through the great wall; they will be very much like marker signs in all four corners of the country, pointing a way to Heaven…

Given the proposed conditions, I don’t anticipate an amazing financial spin-off, but I’m so happy for all the people of la Belle Province (the Beautiful Province - nickname for Quebec) who will receive the message of hope!


Lack of ammunition

This first victory is also the promise of great battles to come. The wall is breached, the agreements signed, but we need financial ammunition in order to reprint and dispatch!! But hey - it will come...

The battle continues, I have a feeling that the wall of France will soon give way, too, and I’m about to move in on Belgium.




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