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Being everywhere

Life is totally different when the presence of God is a refuge and not a threat.

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Wilt Chamberlain. / [link]Biografias y vidas.[/link]

In the 1961-62 season, WILT CHAMBERLAIN played an average of 48 minutes and 30 seconds each match in the NBA.

How could this be? Basketball matches in the NBA last 48 minutes... but Wilt did not only play every minute of each match, but he also played every extra time. Not many players are so dedicated to their clubs.

In life, there is only one who is able to be in every match, and in every place at the same time: God himself. God is in everything, there's nothing that can escape from his control.

God is spirit, and that's why he has the capacity to be omnipresent.

From time to time we forget that God is everywhere. That's why we do things which are opposed to his will, subconsciously thinking that he's not watching us. We forget that we can never be out of his presence.

Those who do not believe in God take advantage of others who are weaker. They don't realise that God is watching them and that one day they will have to pay for what they do.

Sometimes we feel afraid when some situation, problem, or enemy attacks us. We may cry for help. We feel alone and our feelings deceive us into thinking that we're on the verge of failure - because we forget that God is always with us.

God is present, and he's not silent. God is everywhere, in the present, past and future. We cannot flee from his presence; there is nowhere we can go to hide from him.

God is our best friend; but at the same time, if we oppose his will, his justice makes him our most formidable opponent.

It's worthwhile loving him, it's worthwhile obeying him. Life is totally different when his presence is a refuge and not a threat.

All those who challenge him or disobey him will discover the consequences, because God knows everything, absolutely everything that we do.




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