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On many occasions, we think that we serve and obey God, but in fact what we are serving and obeying ourselves.

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Brazilian football player, Garrincha./ [link]Gol de vestuario[/link]

It was said that no other football player had so many different styles of dribbling as the Brazilian GARRINCHA.

When Garrincha took part in a game the only thing that concerned him was to do the best he could, to play as well as he knew how.

When asked: 'Which defender is going to mark you today?' he always answered: 'John', whoever it might be.

It was his way of saying that it was not important for him who was facing him; he would simply do his job, because he was a genius.

There are times when it is better not to know the name of the one in front of us: we have to win the battle, and nothing else matters.

On other occasions it is vitally important to know where and with whom we are... and even more important that others should know who we are.

In the bible, Jesus presents us a very dangerous and real possibility: the foolishness of imagining that we are obeying God, but at the same time completely ignoring him.

A lot of people do it, much more than we think. They may even do things in the name of God... and yet be lost. And so it may happen that at the most important moment in the life of a person, that moment of meeting face-to-face with God, he will say: 'I don't know you'.

On many occasions we start from the wrong point of departure. We think that we serve and obey God, but in fact what we are doing is serving and obeying ourselves.

That's why religions and sects have multiplied in the last few years.

They are people who, in spite of talking about God, just follow themselves. The world has forgotten that it's not so important what we think about God, but what HE THINKS ABOUT US.

Working, fighting, doing good (in our own fashion, of course), preaching, gaining followers for ourselves, talking about God to people, and many similar things, are worth nothing... if we don't obey what God says.

If God does not know us, all our efforts are worthless. We are not only condemned ourselves, but we will lead everyone who follows us to hell.

What are we going to say on Judgement Day? What will be your reply when God says 'I don't know you'?

Please, stop for a moment! Stop and consider your life objectively; compare it, purely and simply, with God's word (not with your own interpretation of it) and be humble enough to recognise your mistakes. You are putting your life at risk otherwise.




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