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Price for the most gentile

To be meek means renouncing your own rights,  always being willing to help. It means being a little more like Jesus.

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"People think that Christianity is a fairy story, and has no relevance today. Anyone who studies the life of Jesus will realise that it is not so". 

GARTH CROOKS, famous player for Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United football clubs, explained with these words the effect that profound study of the life of Jesus can have on your life.

One of the characteristics of the Lord which most calls our attention today is his gentleness.

I think that of all the fruit of the Spirit this one gets the least publicity. There is the impression given that in the 21st century this idea of gentleness or meekness is a bit antiquated.

The media challenge us all the time to be strong, clever, agile, wise, powerful, but no one to advertise that "...the future is in being more gentle, in having a more meek character".

Well, that is not strictly true because someone did think to write it: God himself. In chapter five of Matthew's gospel Jesus affirms that "the meek will inherit the earth", now think a little: how does this chime in with our society today?

If gentleness or meekness is not part of our character as Christians, something is wrong. We read that the fruit of the Spirit is manifested in gentle people, in those who are able to give way for the good of others, in those who don't look out for themselves first, in those who can think in plural, not singular, terms and in those who show understanding before seeking personal success.

Being meek does not mean that you let others trample all over you and do what they want with you. Nor is it having a golden halo over your head, and being hurt without saying a word.

Look at the best example that we have: the Lord Jesus. There has never been anyone as meek as he was, but he was quite capable of saying a few words to the Pharisees, and of turning tables upside down!

He said one word and a terrible storm was silenced. When he spoke, all obeyed him.

To be meek means renouncing your own rights, preferring to seek the good of others. Being meek means always being willing to help. Being meek means being a little more like Jesus.




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