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Training and endurance

The more we train ourselves in faith, love, humility and devotion to God,  the easier it becomes to live in accordance with those qualities.

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Míchel Salgado in a Real Madrid match. / Photo: [link]Real Madrid[/link], CC0.

Many great players start their sporting life almost before they can talk. From a very young age their endurance develops to enable them to reach their potential.

Not all become the big 'superstars', but they do enjoy their sport, and give enjoyment to others.

This was the case with GARRIDO and ZABALETA (the two defenders at Manchester City), TERRY (Chelsea) or MICHEL SALGADO (Blackburn Rovers), whose secret was nothing more nor less than many hours in training.

We deceive ourselves if we say that endurance is not one of the most important characteristics of our spiritual lives, although it may be one of the least practiced.

The apostle Paul writes to Timothy saying that he has to be constant in his life of righteousness and godliness, faith, love and gentleness.

When we practise something constantly, it becomes a part of us. We train so that we don't have any problem executing this particular thing. We can do it with our eyes shut!

This is what God expects of us in our Christian lives.

Let's see if we understand: imagine that you are learning to drive a car. The first few minutes are extremely important, there are so many things that you have to attend to that it seems the most complicated thing in the world.

You have to control the car, evaluate distances, keep an eye on what everyone else is doing, look out for passers-by and obstacles, listen out, watch the traffic signs, be observant about the state of the road etc, and all at the same time! Some people think that they will never learn to do it.

However, after a few months of driving each day, what happens? You become so accustomed to doing it, and it feels so 'normal' that you can even drive and listen to the radio, or talk to someone sitting beside you at the same time. It seems incredible!

Training and endurance have made what was a difficult situation seem normal, and easy to handle.

The same happens in our spiritual life: as time goes on, and we continue to train ourselves to do the things that God expects of us, it becomes easier.

The more we train ourselves in faith, love, humility and devotion to God etc. the easier it becomes for us to live our lives in accordance with these qualities.




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