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Not even the wisest

Despite all the escapes on offer, we cannot escape from ourselves. we need to recognise our smallness in the scheme of things.

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Edwin Moses. / [link]Morehouse athletics[/link].

When we speak of fast athletes, one name comes immediately to mind: EDWIN MOSES.

Following on from the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal, he achieved 122 consecutive victories in his specialty: the 400 meter hurdles.

Many people live their lives escaping: from circumstances, from problems, from family ties, from the law, or from themselves.

Never before has humanity wanted so much to escape, or to live at such a fast pace; never before have so many people tried to escape reality.

This is one of the reasons why there is a growing demand to find peace, or why leisure time is so commercialized, why so many people are super busy, our means of communication are high-speed, and entertainment invades reality.

In a very negative way this attempt to escape has brought many families to a breaking point, and has led people to resort to drugs, alcohol and increasingly to suicide.

Despite all the escapes on offer, we cannot escape from ourselves. However far from reality we think we can get, even there we have to carry on putting up with ourselves!

But, however fast or wise man has become, one day the race will reach its conclusion; we have never found the way to evade our own death and after that judgment.

It is curious that with all the advances mankind has accomplished, no one has come up with a remedy for death.

Even so, people continue to believe that they are very wise, so much so that they can reject God. God is no longer necessary in the world: wise men have taken his place.

However, not the fastest or wisest among them will escape death and the judgment of God.

We need to stop. To talk with God we need to be quiet and recognise our smallness in the scheme of things, in the same way that a young child listens attentively to its father, or a student learns by paying attention to their teacher.

Where are you going? Do you try constantly to escape? One day you will have to come to a stop, and then what will happen to you?

What will happen to you after death? It is well worthwhile stopping now, and listening humbly to God.




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