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Make way

Any tradition which does not make way for the growth of God's kingdom is contrary to God Himself.

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You may have asked what it means the blue flag waved at formula one.

It is simple: it means that the driver has to allow the car behind him to overtake, as he is already one lap ahead, and the driver in front should make way for him.

John the Baptist expressed something similar in his extraordinary comment "He must become greater; I must become less" (John 3:30), and although he said this of the Lord Jesus, I believe that there are times when we, too, should feel this way about one another.

Problems of jealousy towards people who are 'getting ahead of us', are far too common today, in all areas of life.

We like to be the best, and are easily offended when others receive more glory than we do.

Did you read the story about Michal, David's wife? Although she was close family, she was critical of David's behaviour when he was rejoicing: jumping and dancing in the presence of God and his people.

How often do we criticize others? How often do we harbor jealousy in our hearts when others triumph? How often do we do everything possible to undermine someone who is overtaking us?

All this, when really we should be examples of love and joy when others achieve spiritual success. We are examples, but often of jealousy, hypocrisy and anger. These reactions do not come from God.

However, the case of Michal was not only one of jealousy; there was something more.

Here, it was a case of 'doing things differently is always wrong'. It is the defense of traditionalism - things have always been done in such a way, and they are not going to change now.

Many people put traditionalism before, or on a level with, the word of God, and, as Pelikan wrote, "Tradition is the living faith of those who have died, traditionalism is the dead faith of those who are living."

Any tradition which does not make way for the growth of God's kingdom is contrary to God himself.

Sometimes we become traditionalists through custom, for comfort or because of pride. It is far better to form part of a living church and obey the living God.




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