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Approved by God

Remember that God himself is the only one who can convince someone of the truth.

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For many it was a surprise: GIOVANNI EVANGELISTI won the bronze medal in the Athletics World Championships in Rome (1987).

The judges gave him a jump of 8.38 metres. Months later it was discovered that it had all been a 'fix' and that he had not really jumped that distance... it had all been a deception and so Evangelisti had to return the medal, and it was given instead to LARRY MYRICKS, who had come in fourth place.

Deceit is a daily occurrence in life, and not only in the world of sport (where what we see may be only a small reflection of the reality) but in politics, in business negotiations, in the work place, in schools and also in religion.

Yes, unfortunately one of the areas which suffers most from deceit is in the field of religion. It would seem that it is possible to believe in almost anything; however absurd it may be!

We all know people who live mistaken lives: they try to follow God through human means and they are so blind to their error that it is practically impossible to convince them otherwise.

We love them, but their convictions make conversation with them very difficult. What should we do with someone like this?

I'm going to write a few guidelines:

1. Live in tune with God's Spirit for guidance in what we should or shouldn't say. To win an argument is not the same as convincing the other person, not at all!

2. Demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit in our lives. If we are not kind,patient, loving etc. our arguments will be fruitless!

3. Follow the example of the Lord Jesus. Study how he taught, and talked with people. I challenge you to do this: read the four gospels and note down all you can learn from the best teacher who has ever existed.

4. Don't condemn. Arguments may be futile, but people are not. To blame someone may close a door that will not open again easily.

5. Look for areas in common to start a conversation.

6. Don't let loose all your arguments at once. It will be too much for the other person to take in. It is better to take things slowly, a step at a time.

7. Let the other person work out some answers for themselves, especially if the answer is obvious. If you are giving all the answers they may be rejected, but if they work it out for themselves (even if they don't share it with you), the question will be like a hook in their minds.

What do you believe? Why do you say...? What would happen if...? Where does it say...?

Remember that God himself is the only one who can convince someone of the truth.

Remember that the only thing that is necessary is to be approved by God... not by you or anyone else.




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