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God is the One who has created everything, the only One deserving all praise and glory.

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There is a custom which I enjoy a lot which various television channels use in their sports programmes.

It is a summary in just a few seconds of the best games of a certain sport: football, hockey, rugby, baseball or the 'show time' of the NBA.

The public admires and applauds every one of those 'best ten games'... and if you have had the opportunity of seeing such a programme, you will have enjoyed the emotion of contemplating something special.

Everyone applauds furiously when they watch a game that has the spark of brilliance. Spectators jump for joy when a basketball player makes a good smash, defensive play or a rapid counter-attack.

We all understand that people get enthusiastic, and jump and shout joyfully when they see their team winning.

How much more should we, yes we, feel the desire to applaud furiously, to shout, to sing and acclaim God with shouts of joy... yet sometimes this sort of behaviour is not seen correct.

Something has gone wrong when we are permitted to be enthusiastic in all areas except in our relationship with God.

Is a goal more important than what God has done for us? Is an exciting game more worthy of our applause than the one who has given everything for us? Is it right to show more enthusiasm on a pitch than in a meeting where God is worshiped?

God's people in the Bible never understood things that way. When they met to praise God, be they children or adults, men or women, rich or poor, they all carried within themselves an enthusiasm, knowing their God for whom they were going to do something really important.

Anything they could find that would make a noise was valid: cymbals, trumpets, psaltery, harps... there was only one condition, that it would be a joyful noise.

They knew that God was the one who had created everything, the only one deserving of praise and glory... they knew that no one should be more enthusiastic than when in the presence of the Lord. God inhabits the praises of his people! God is worthy of all that we have... do we recognise this fact?

When you enter into God's presence think of what he has done for you. Think of who he is. When you enter into God's presence, applaud, be enthusiastic, be joyful, praise, worship... God is the most marvellous of all.




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