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Whenever a child is close by, be careful about what you say and do.

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The work of someone charged with encouraging and strengthening young players is extremely important in any sport.

If we talk about baseball, we could describe some of the most famous managers in the USA, for instance KEVIN MALONE (Montreal Expos and Los Angeles Dodgers), SAL BANDO (Milwaukee Brewers) or BOB WATSON (Houston Astros).

Part of their mission was to prepare and strengthen the players mentally, and to encourage them to advance in their profession.

We all have the possibility to choose our behaviour towards others. We can act as encouragers, or discouragers. We can be either a help or a hindrance to our friends, family, co-workers, brothers and sisters in the faith etc.

Many people who have been through the 'school of failure' become specialists in obstructive behaviour. They are practiced in the art of finding fault, and have high marks in subjects related to pessimism and its out- workings.

Those people appear in all areas of life: in sports, within the family, in education, in the church... they are an unending plague. However, they do suffer their own punishment as they are incapable of being happy about anything.

God teaches us to behave in a different way. We are charged not only with encouraging others, but in thinking well of them.

God wants us to know how to strengthen others, to help them and to always look for the best in them, giving encouragement and strength on all sides.

God wants us to be more like Him, because there is no one else who has such confidence in us as he does himself!

Now I only need to remind you of one more thing. We all have read the clear command from God to strengthen Joshua. Take great care of what you allow into your mind and body... and this is a responsibility for everyone, especially the youngest members of society, the children.

And here comes the question; what do we put into the minds of children? You will realise that I'm now thinking much further than in terms of encouragement or discouragement.

It does not matter what age we are, we are all responsible for our actions in the presence of little children

Whenever a child is close by, be careful about what you say and do. Think also about the means of communication you are using.

Remember that the child is very young to know about all the cruelty of violence, sex out of its proper place, and the poison of unpleasant conversations.

Our goal for today, then: think of someone you can help, or encourage or strengthen.




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