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Alain Auderset

The Enchanted Forest

To Jesus alone the glory; His amazing power is only equalled by his tenderness... And today, he still is the same.

APPOINTMENT WITH GOD AUTOR 11/Alain_Auderset 21 DE AGOSTO DE 2016 13:20 h
Photo: Alain Auderset

This is the third time I’ve got caught up in spider webs … What’s going on in this forest?

Okay, it’s true, I didn’t come here yesterday on my prayer path. But how on earth did these blood-suckers weave all those webs in such a short time? It’s hard proof that the forester doesn’t do the dusting every day!

It seems he’s not familiar with the invention of the vacuum-cleaner; What a mess! These leaves lying about all over the place! (these Swiss forests are not what they used to be!)

Moses’ rod

Like Moses crossing the Red Sea, I pick up a stick which I blandish in front of me, destroying these infamous translucent traps as I do so, and never ceasing to lift up my prayers to God (this is nothing less than the conquest of the world)…

A hamburger in the forest?

Say to myself that if I were a little fly, this place would be like a giant MacDonald’s, except that the hamburger would be me … Then I would just settle on Jesus’ shoulder and I’d be afraid of nothing, not even creatures ten times my size! … I would have no fear, because his rod and staff would protect me …

I often find myself witnessing (not only in churches) but also in festivals, in the media, and in many other places. Sometimes the people I meet tell me that they are sorcerers, that they talk to the dead, and practice magic or, even worse, that they don’t know my comics! But the Master is walking in front of me! (they are the ones who should have goosebumps...)!

Never lower your arms …

Overcome with fatigue, I drop my arms, and walk straight into a huge web that sticks to my face! Yuk!  Horrific! Is this forest haunted, or what’s going on!

The experience reminds me of something …

While Moses held his arms up, Israel was winning the battle. His friends noticed that when his arms dropped, Israel got beaten up, so they propped up his arms 

during the whole day, and the victory was complete!

This makes me think about you,  who pray for me …

Without you

One day I had left to visit a group of young people without telling anyone (yes, I dared to do that …). It fell totally flat, and made no impression on them at all …

Avec vous

During a recent show*, just as I was saying that Jesus was there, I became aware of his supernatural presence; I saw him touch the hearts of several people in the audience (it was like a ray of sunlight suddenly breaking through into a dark forest and dazzling you)!

There I was, like a fly on his shoulder.

Thank you

By your prayers, you keep my arms from dropping.

My victories are also yours …

To Jesus alone the glory; His amazing  power is only equalled by his tenderness... And today, he still is the same.


*Alain is a stand-up comedian and uses his shows to share the gospel




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