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Alain Auderset

The wall of evil (II)

There is something even stronger than prayer: Listening to God!

APPOINTMENT WITH GOD AUTOR 11/Alain_Auderset 14 DE AGOSTO DE 2016 12:40 h
Photo: Alain Auderset

Plan B

I was really encouraged by this little hole…!

At the same time, I had to admit that there was still a long way to go:

- ‘Ahhh!! help me Lord!’

A voice behind me says:

- ‘That’s not the way to do it, buddy!’

I turned round, and to my great surprise, standing before me was Whoetallthegritz (that’s not his real name, by the way!) a friend who hardly ever gets out of the house because he suffers from a bone condition – if he fell, he’d break into little pieces (certainly more easily than my wall would!!)

- ‘Dig beneath it,’

He said,

- ‘It’ll save you a lot of time!’

Then he left.


- ‘Dig beneath it!’

Whaa…?! What sort of idea is that…(?)

That wasn’t what I’d been planning to do at all…!

I kept on hammering against the wall … But the noise couldn’t drown out my thoughts: ‘What if God was talking to me through Whoetallthegritz?’

Something even stronger than prayer!

In the end, I started to dig beneath the wall, attached one end of a rope to the wall, the other to my car and stepped on the gas. The wall collapsed almost immediately!!!

(I had to step on the gas, otherwise the wall would have fallen on the car!)


The wall came crashing down with such force that it startled my little family, who were sitting in the living room. Immediately, like the most beautiful freeze-frame shot imaginable, they all ran into view, framed in the window

Their ever-so slightly unconventional pop had finally come up with the goods! It was then that I understood something very important, There is something even stronger than prayer: Listening to God!

Something stronger than perseverance: grace.

Once the wall had fallen, it took me another couple of days of sweat (and shovel-work) to get rid of the old soil and replace it with good, new soil.

Once it was all finished, I looked at my handiwork,

Took a handful of identical sunflower seeds and planted them outside my studio. The flowers that sprung up where the wall had been were absolutely massive!!! (I’ve never seen ones that big before!) It did me, and all the passers-by, good just to look at them…

The blackberries growing on the same spot produce a bumper crop to the delight of all those who came to dine with us!

When confronted with positive challenges, Stick at it, because what you will gain from it will be much greater than the initial effort that it required of you.

This wall has gone

But my invisible walls are still there… I continue to pray (and listen…) And every day I get stronger. Some walls start to crack, but others seem unshakeable…

But I believe that my God is greater still, And even if it’s hard, I keep going… ‘Those who sow with tears Will reap with songs of joy’. Psalm 126.v 5

Whatever wall you may have to break down, Stick at it, And one day, it will fall!




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