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God speaks, prophets

By not sculpting the rest of the face, I want people to focus on the mouth where the Message (God’s Word) comes out.

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Photo 1: Sculpture by [link]Luca Illiano[/link].

I want my art to be Bible-centered. This series of Prophets is inspired by thinking that in Hebrews 1:1 the main point is that God speaks! In a world such as we live in, we need to know that God speaks.

It is a world that needs a message, a world that needs Bible prophecies.


The message of the prophets

The sculptures portray prophets. I made them with only a small part of the nose, the mouth and the chin. The idea is that I want the people who look at the sculpture, to look at the mouth of the prophets. By not sculpting the rest of the face, I want people to focus on the mouth where the Message (God’s Word) comes out, since the rest of the face could be a distraction from the main idea of the concept behind the artwork.

These sculptures are made to involve the person who looks at them, since these artworks are not only something to see, but to hear as well since each one of these sculptures have a different sound, thanks to the hole of the mouth. If the observer puts his or her ear near to the prophet’s mouth, the holloweness of the sculpture and of the different shapes of each sculpture, the observer will listen to different sounds just like you would put a seashell near to your ear.

[photo_footer]  A sculpture of the series Prophets by Luca Illiano. [/photo_footer] 

The idea still follows Hebrews 1:1 where it says God spoke in different ways (represented by the different sound of the sculptures), also that each prophet before Christ had a main theme such as Jeremiah about the heart, Isaiah about the holiness of God, Hosea about the unconditional love of God, and so on.

These sculptures are left in dry clay suggesting the fleeting nature of human beings before God, who is man and who is God. A message shared by all prophets by opening the road for the second part of Hebrews verse 1: Christ as the last of God’s message, word… this is also our message!

If you are interested in this project called Specchio Contemporaneo or in seeing more about Christian art and how my artistic research is developing, please follow me and the project on Instagram.




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