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All the things are written

God's justice is always perfect. In His actions and in His timing there is no doubt about the righteousness of God.

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Jim Thorpe at the 1912 Summer Olympics. / [link] Omarboulma1926, Wikimedia Commons[/link], CCO.

I suppose that many of you will remember one who was called the greatest athlete in the world: JIM THORPE, and the problems that he had because of his indigenous origin and lack of professional preparation.

You may remember that in an act of incredible hypocrisy, the International Olympic Committee withdrew the medals he had won in the Stockholm Olympic Games.

After Jim died, thirty years later, the Olympic Committee returned his medals. Sometimes justice arrives a little late.

God's justice is always perfect. In His actions and in His timing there is no doubt about the righteousness of God. God has a book in which are written all of our actions; in the end we will all pay for what we have done...or be rewarded. It is written, God knows all things and their end.

Why are you challenging God? Everything you have done in this life has been registered, including whether or not you believe that God exists and cares for you.

The reality will not change: your past and future are registered. Do you think that you will stand before Him with peace in your heart? Chapter 16 of Revelation speaks about the wrath of God as something that will fall on those who despise His love.

Don't think that you will go unpunished for having rejected God in your life. You decide for yourself: if you accept Him, you accept a relationship of love; if you reject Him, remember that you are already under His wrath.

Your salvation, and mine, depend exclusively on the answer to one question: Is Jesus your Saviour? If not, everything you do is worthless.

So many people follow different paths, religious, social, humanitarian paths, without understanding that a relationship with God depends on only one path, Jesus He is the one who will judge the world, and He is the one who will judge you and me.

It won't be a man who will be seated on the throne, it won't be Buddha, Mohammed, Confucius, nor the founders of the thousands of other religions and cults that exist today.

It won't be a social or political leader either. Only one earned the right to sit on the throne, and that only one is God incarnate, JESUS. Is Jesus your Saviour? If not, why are you against Him? His justice comes only once, He doesn't need a second time.




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