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Jaime Fernandez

Rise up and fly

If what we give value to is something temporary, we will never learn to fly.

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I suppose we have all dreamed of doing it at one time or another... to fly... to live above circumstances, to live in another dimension and see things from above, to feel the absolute freedom of not being carried along by anyone or anything, to live in such a way that the "normal" things of life only have as much influence over us as we let them.

If we don't dare to fly, any little thing can defeat us. We will give too much value to something that has no value, and spend our time in regret and sadness. I remember when CHRISTIAN VIERI was contracted by Inter. He had been playing football with Lazio, and that change of team was not only famous because it broke all records as far as how much they paid to get him (more than 25 million pounds), but because a young Lazio fan threw himself before a train.

He left a suicide note that read, "I am crushed because Inter has bought Vieri. I know they paid a lot of money for him, but money isn't everything in life." If what we give value to is something that doesn't make sense, we will never learn to fly.

Someone once told a story in which a man, who wanted to be rich, asked Fate for a newspaper from one year in the future so that he could see what would happen in the stock market. With this information, he quickly invested all he had in what would make him rich. Afterwards, he began to read the rest of the newspaper and he came across his own obituary. If what we give value to is something temporary, we will never learn to fly.

Imagine that you are staying in a hotel and, suddenly, the fire alarm goes off. You only have a few moments to escape, but instead you think, "This is my big chance." Quickly, you make your way to the presidential suite and begin to "enjoy" like never before... the food, the luxury, the pool, whatever is in the bar, the TV with a hundred channels. You even call others in to have a good time with you, because now you have everything and you don't have to pay for anything. You are living it up! Maybe others will be looking for the emergency exit, but not you. I want to tell you, though, that if having a good time, no matter what the cost, is the most important thing to you, sooner than you think you will be trapped, without escape.




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