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False accusations

Sometimes we mistakenly believe that those who trust in God will not suffer any wrong.

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Iolanda alas. / [link] Unknown author, Wikimedia Commons[/link], CCO.

IOLANDA BALAS won the gold medal for the high jump in the Olympic Games of Rome, 1960.

Since she was not a beautiful woman, physically speaking, many accused her of being a man. She lived a number of years with this accusation weighing heavily on her until when she married and had a daughter - then everyone stopped talking.

False accusations are one of the worst things that exist but justice always wins in the end.

We all suffer false accusations, at one time or another. Things may have been said, or published, about us that were not true and were said with the sole purpose of hurting us.

Envious or prideful people may have wanted to hurt us, and they did it the best way, secretly.

How many injustices have we experienced in our life! So many bad moments! So many silent tears for the wound that no one knows about.

Sometimes we mistakenly believe that those who trust in God will not suffer any wrong, their lives will be glorious and they will never taste the evils of this world, but this is not true.

The closer we are to God, the more attacks we suffer from Satan, more murmurings, more lies, more false accusations, more criticisms.

The difficult time that you are experiencing now will not be resolved by theories. Only the truth and the promises of God will bring us peace, despite our circumstances.

Don't forget that God affirmed this in His word. He not only promised, but also confirmed His promise with “declares the Lord ” , so we should believe Him. “No weapon forged against you will prevail”.

So no matter how many lies are told against you, God will not let them destroy you. “You will refute every tongue that accuses you”.

More quickly than you can imagine, the things that are said about you will turn against those who spoke them.

This is what God gives to those who serve Him: the victory.




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