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Take care

Anything that takes your mind off God destroys you.

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Rene Laoste. / [link]Lacoste official site[/link]

We have all seen the sports clothing with the little crocodile symbol on it. Few people know that RENE LACOSTE, a French tennis player of the 1930s who stood out because of his fighting spirit, created it.

One day during an important Davis Cup match, his coach promised him a crocodile-skin suitcase if he won, and he did. It earned him a nickname and later he used it to sell his own line of clothing.

Rene was known not only for being a winner, but also for his discipline in training. No player can get ahead if he does not train daily and take care of himself.

We cannot win in life, either, if we don't know that we are temples of the Holy Spirit; therefore we should take care of our bodies.

Everything that happens to our bodies has an effect on our spiritual life. If we abuse our bodies, we abuse the Spirit. You cannot live a healthy spiritual life if you destroy your body.

We all know what is bad for us. I could start to make a list, but it would be endless and would no't help. Anything that keeps us from being 100% physically fit harms the body. That includes everything from overeating to deadly drugs.

We should also avoid things which keep us from being 100% mentally fit, such as going against God's will in regard to sex, materialism, or living foolishly.

Anything that takes your mind off God destroys you. We also have to take care in order to get on well with other people.

If we harbour hatred, resentment and lies expressed in word or deed against others, we have accepted the evil within us and we're sinning. All of this grieves and smothers the Spirit of God, so our spiritual life is in trouble.

If you want to live in victory, please take care of yourself.




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