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No escape

The Bible says that some day, everyone will kneel before the Lord Jesus, and acknowledge his lordship over all.

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One of the fastest women in recent years is FLORENCE GRIFFITH, gold medallist in the 100 and 200 metres races at the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

Her world record stood for many years. In the 200 metres race her time was faster than the men's records in more than 100 countries. No one could run like her.

There are lots of people who spend their lives running. I don't mean athletes, or those who live "in the fast lane" and never seem to have time enough for all they have to do. I'm talking about people who are running away - from just about everything.

They run from death, the world, illness, bad memories, the past, hatred, etc. These people only have time for one thing: time to make a getaway!

Is this where you are? I'm not talking about physically running away; it's the feeling of being pursued, the need to get away from frightening or unpleasant situations.

What are you running away from? A person, a situation, or - as many people do nowadays - are you running away from yourself?

Most people today are trying to escape. Leisure activities are more important than ever. People want to forget their problems, their lives, themselves.

Lots of people are also trying to get away from God. In spite of God's message of love toward mankind, many are in constant confrontation with him.

However, God tells us that no one will ever get away, not even the swiftest. Some day they'll be face to face with the one they tried so hard to ignore.

The Bible says that some day, everyone will kneel before the Lord Jesus, and acknowledge his lordship over all.

That includes those who reject him now, and want to get away! They'll be forced to recognise him, but they won't avoid punishment.

Stop running away, or confronting everyone and everything. Stop running away from yourself. Don't try to hide from God. It's worth turning to him and acknowledging him as Lord today.

Those who believe in him are wonderfully sure that you can stop running.




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