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Over 2,000 women celebrate Jesus in Cordoba, Spain

Aglow held its largest conference ever in the Southern European country, providing a space for encounter, reflection and evangelical unity around the gospel.

FUENTES Protestante Digital AUTOR 423/Ana_Dominguez,5/Evangelical_Focus CORDOBA 26 DE MARZO DE 2024 12:28 h
Over 2,000 people attended the Aglow conference in Córdoba, Spain. / Photo: Ana Domínguez.

Over 2,000 evangelical women gathered in the southern Spanish city of Cordoba for the annual Aglow Spain 2024 conferencem between 15-17 March.

The theme of the gathering was “Celebrate, connect, share” and the event included well-known national and international leaders and speakers.

The Cordoba City Council was involved in the logistics of the event providing transport services and welcome gifts to all participants. The authorities affirmed their support and hospitality towards the event and the evangelical community.


Local and religious authorities

On the Thursday prior to the meeting there was a reception offered by the Cordoba City Council.

After a greeting and welcome from Ana Giménez on behalf of Aglow, Eva Contador, deputy mayor, along with José Manuel Marín, president of the Evangelical Council of the region of Andalusia, gave a warm welcome to the attendees. Assemblies of God pastor Esteban Muñoz de Morales led a prayer asking God's blessing on the city and the upcoming conference.

[photo_footer]Eva Contador (Deputy Mayor of Cordoba), José María Bellido (Mayor of Cordoba) and Carolina Bueno (Executive Secretary of FEREDE) attended the event. / Ana Domínguez[/photo_footer] 

Participants arrived on Friday from all over Spain and from other countries such as the United States, Equiatorial Guinea, Finland, Greece, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Mexico.

After the opening, Giménez introduced the first guests: Carolina Bueno, executive secretary of the Federation of Evangelical Religious Entities of Spain (FEREDE), and the Mayor of Córdoba, José María Bellido, who highlighted the importance of faith and inter religious coexistence in the city.


Women in the evangelical context

The conference featured speakers Igna de Suárez, a doctor of theology and international lecturer, Marcos Vidal, pastor, composer and singer (winner of a 2023 Latin Grammy), as well as Rebecca Jacob, a writer and evangelical pastor.

[photo_footer]Igna de Suárez and Antonio Simoni, speakers at the conference. / Ana Domínguez[/photo_footer] 

On Saturday, several artistic presentations preceded the talks by historian Antonio Simoni, lawyer Séfora Vargas, and Marcos Zapata, president of the Spanish Evangelical Alliance (AEE), addressing relevant topics about the history, ministry and teaching of Jesus on women.


Music and worship

Bands Sal 150 and Adoremos were in charge of the times of worship. Singers Débora Romo and Kike Pavón gave concerts that encouraged the audience to worship God in unity. A flamenco music group and dancers led by Miriam Jiménez also participated.

[photo_footer] Marcos Vidal, Kike Pavón and Débora Romo. / Ana Domínguez[/photo_footer] 

During the three days of the meeting, the participants had a permanent Prayer Room where 35 volunteers offered spiritual support to those who requested it.

The event finished on Sunday with a worship and celebration time, led by the worship teams, algonside Débora Romo and Jaz Jacob.

The Aglow Spain 2024 Gathering was evaluated by the organisers as a significant milestone for evangelical women in Spain, offering a space for reflection and celebration of faith and contribution to society.

[photo_footer] The Aglow Spain national board. / Ana Domínguez[/photo_footer] 


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