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British Prime Minister congratulates Christian charity for its work in Ukraine

European Mission Fellowship has raised almost £2 million since the invasion started. All the money is used “for humanitarian support with a strong gospel focus and motivation”.

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EMF workers in Ukraine. / [link]EMF[/link]

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak sent a letter of congratulations to a small Christian charity based in the country for raising almost £2 million (over 2.3 million euros) for Ukraine.

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine almost two years ago, the European Mission Fellowship (EMF) launched an appeal to raise £50,000 to help its Ukrainian workers with the enormous needs that were arising.

By the end of March 2023, £500,000 had been raised. A recent renewal of the EMF appeal raised over £50,000 in just a matter of weeks, the total number of donations at this moment surpassing 2 milion pounds.

The efforts continue, as the second anniversary of the war approaches in a country with around 17.6 million people in need and 3.67 million internally displaced people (according to UN figures), where evangelical churches remain at the forefront of helping those most in need.


Gospel-centred support

All the money raised was given to 12 churches and EMF partner organisations in Ukraine and in neighbouring countries.

The funds have been used for different needs, such as food, medicine, blankets, and transport, and also to support those trying to provide shelter and comfort to their local communities in these difficult times.

EMF's response to the crisis has benefited from its previous relationship with its workers, who are local and reacted quickly and effectively in the face of changing and difficult circumstances, the charity said.

“The work in all of our partner churches and organisations focuses on providing humanitarian support to Ukrainian people—mainly displaced people or refugees—but always with a strong gospel focus and motivation”, point out EMF workers.

They “look to give these partners as much freedom as possible in how they use the funds we send, provided it is fully used on gospel-centred support for Ukrainian civilians”.


On the ground

Some EMF staff were able to visit the country in early 2023 to meet with some of their contacts there.

“The most memorable experience was seeing people working so sacrificially on the front line and being grateful for the continued support of Christians”, said Martin Tatham, project manager of the EMF in Ukraine.

During this visit, they were also able to meet with local officials and leaders, who conveyed their sincere thanks to the people who have donated.

Through Leicestershire MP Jane Hunt, these greetings were passed on to UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, prompting him to write to the charity to thank them for their efforts.


Working across Europe for over 60 years

European Mission Fellowship, a Christian charity based in Leicestershire, England, has been working across Europe for over 60 years - training, supporting and equipping evangelical churches and church leaders.

Many of its missionaries live and work in their own country. It currently has over 90 staff in 19 countries across Europe, including Ukraine.


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Learn all about our #OneMoreYearEF campaign here (English).





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