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7,000 people march for ‘freedom to live’ in the UK

As in previous years, the ninth edition of the March for Life began with talks, testimonies, and music for all ages at the morning indoor pro-life festival.

FUENTES UK March for Life AUTOR 5/Evangelical_Focus LONDON 12 DE SEPTIEMBRE DE 2023 12:00 h
7,000 people took the streets of London for the 2023 UK March for life. / [link]UK March for life[/link]

Around 7,000 people of all ages, including many youth, filled Parliament Square in London (United Kingdom) on 2 September during the 2023 edition of the March for Life, despite a national rail strike.

Participants sang, danced and prayed along the streets under the theme of this year: ‘Freedom to Live’, before stopping for the keynote speeches.

The main speakers were Lois McClatchie-Miller from ADF UK; Scott Klusendorf, president of The Life Training Institute; and the co-director of the march, Isabel Vaughan-Spruce.

Vaughan-Spruce recalled her arrest for praying silently near an abortion center, when she was told her prayers were an offense.

“What is offensive is that our country has the highest ever abortion figures, 100,000 of them annually being repeat abortion and the only response we see happening in our government is a clamp down on those who peacefully offer alternatives to pregnant women”, she stressed.

[photo_footer]UK March for Life [/photo_footer]


Morning indoor pro-life festival

As in previous years, the morning indoor pro-life festival took place at the Emmanuel Centre and, according to the organizers, it “was also well attended”.

It consisted of talks for all ages, stalls from various pro-life organisations and a training session for a new outreach project named ‘Engage’ which is “a way of connecting with the public on this key topic and starting a respectful conversation in a meaningful and productive way”.

[photo_footer]UK March for Life [/photo_footer]


“Abortion didn’t grant us freedom”

“The most moving words of the day came from Ellie, a young woman who spoke of her deep regret at having 3 abortions. She had to raise her voice above the nearby abortion supporters who attempted to shout her down”, said the organisers in a statement.

Ellie told the audience that she “instinctively knew when it was time to go to the toilet and deliver my baby. That moment of separation is burned into my memory forever”.

“I think I can speak for every post-abortive woman stood here today that abortion didn’t grant us freedom, but made us captives in one way or another”.

Co-director, Ben Thatcher promised the event would be back in September 2024 to celebrate March for Life UK’s 10th anniversary and shared his hope that “there would be 10,000 supporters participating next year”.

Religious leaders such as Rev Calvin Robinson from the Free Church of England and Regan King from the Angel Church; several Anglican priests; and Roman Catholic bishops John Sherrington, Richard Moth and John Keenan, supported the event.




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