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Roxana Stanciu

40 MEPs urge Romanian politicians to honour public support for a marriage referendum

MEPs signed a letter asking Romanian politicians to “support the organization of the referendum without delay.”

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Image: European Dignity Watch

Romanian politicians continue to take no action despite 3 million Romanian citizens who signed a petition two years ago calling for a referendum on marriage.

This unprecedented situation where millions of voices are being completely ignored by Romania’s political class, has now caught the attention of Members of the European Parliament (MEPs).

On March 15, 40 MEPs from 11 different countries – and from across the political spectrum – signed a letter calling on Romanian politicians to listen to the voice of their own citizens and organize the desired referendum on marriage.

The letter emphasizes the “unprecedented democratic support of a marriage referendum in Romania”, calling the 3 million signatures gathered in 2016 in support of a referendum “a sign of healthy democracy”.

The letter further underscores the importance of giving “a democratic voice” to citizens and refers to decisions and statements within the well-established jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights and the Court of Justice of the EU “which states that also states that Member States have national competence regarding civil status and the benefits deriving therefrom.”

In the letter, MEPs urge Romanian politicians to “support the organization of the referendum without delay”. The full text of the letter supporting the marriage referendum in Romania, as well as the names and countries of its 40 signatories, can be found here.

European Dignity Watch first raised concerns about the situation in Romania in October 2017. We are now also running a campaign to show international support for the referendum on marriage through a series of videos.

It now remains to be seen whether politicians in Romania will take heed of the letter from MEPs and choose to respect the voice of its citizens – or whether they will continue to ignore 3 million people.

Roxana Stanciu, Executive Director of European Dignity Watch, based in Brussels. Learn more about how this organisation informs, educates, and equips stakeholders in Europe to make a difference in public life, defending freedom, family, and life; visit EDW's website.




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