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Top 2022: Our best interviews

The views of 10 European Christians, including a Protestant worker expelled from Turkey, an Albanian pastor defending his freedom of expression, an Ukrainian missionary seeking to return home, and a Spanish mime successful in Germany.

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Jana Nimmo, Israel Olofinjana, Samuil Petrovski, Carlos Martínez, Mariana Laskava, and John Wyatt. All of them gave interviews to Evangelical Focus in 2022. / Photo: EF

The best way to understand pressing issues in Europe is asking those who are fully involved in both church and culture.

One of our aims at Evangelical Focus since we launched this journalistic project in 2015 is to give a voice to Christians in Europe who have something relevant to say.

Below are 10 of these conversations we had in 2022.


10 interviews of 2022

After 36 years of serving as Protestant pastor in Türkiye, Carlos Madrigal was put on a blacklist of the secret services and not allowed back into the country. He shares what has been happening in the country in the last years.

In Serbia, evangelicals see growth, conversions and increasing presence in public matters. But they need more Christian workers to respond to all the gospel opportunities, explains Samuil Petrovski.

What are the challenges of churches in the traditionally secular eastern Germany? We asked James Ros, who leads a church planting movement there.

What do abortion, euthanasia, creation care, and Artificial Intelligence have in common? In Europe, they all must be addressed from a Christian perspective, says bioethics expert John Wyatt.

Carla, Sigrid and Tim have suffered from Long Covid in Spain. How has it affected their daily lives? How has it changed their faith and Christian ministry? Here parts two and three of the series.

The pandemic has heightened the levels of anxiety among teenagers. Many look for peace of mind and safe places to express their fears. Jana Nimmo promotes prayer rooms in German schools to respond to this situation.

In Albania, an influential evangelical pastor has said he will continue to speak about his Christian views on marriage, family and adoption. Akil Pano told us how he defends his freedom of expression in court.

Israel Olofinjana has been following the growth of African churches in the mission field of Europe. He spoke about the impact many diaspora churches are having in major cities in the United Kingdom and elsewhere.

Mariana Laskava had to leave Ukraine hastily. After serving refugees for a couple of months, she planned to go back to the Bible School where she worked to continue to train young people.

Mime is like Jesus’ parables, says one of the most famous mimes in the world. Carlos Martínez speaks about his 40 years of career in Europe and what he loves about his work.


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