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Wife of kidnapped pastor in Malaysia vows “relentless action”

Pastor Koh disappeared on February 2017. According to the CCTV footage, 15 men and seven vehicles surrounding him and abducted him in less than one minute.

FUENTES Global News Alliance, Release International KUALA LUMPUR 28 DE SEPTIEMBRE DE 2020 11:00 h
An archive image of evangelical pastor Raymond Koh, abducted in February 2017. / Photo: [link]Release International[/link]

The wife of abducted Malaysian pastor Raymond Koh has vowed relentless action to press for his release.

She has called for international efforts to set him free to be continued – and for prayers for her family, which has been under surveillance.

This year, Susanna Liew was named International Woman of the Year (an award given by the US Department of State) for her courage in pursuing the case – despite death threats.

She described her husband’s abduction in February 2017 to Release International, which has launched a petition calling for his release.

Answer. According to the CCTV footage, he was abducted in less than one minute. It was so professionally done, with 15 men and seven vehicles surrounding one person. They broke the windscreen of the car, so we could see some glass shattered on the road. They drove the car and put Raymond in a new car.

Question. Are we right in saying you've not seen nor heard from him since, and his car has never been found?

A. We have no trace of his car. We have not heard from him and there's no like ransom note.

Q. Do you have any idea who his captors are and who did this?

A.  Yes, there was a public inquiry with witnesses coming and the decision of the Human Rights Commission was that this is a case of enforced disappearance. That means state agents were involved. They have denied their involvement. The family have therefore filed a civil suit against the government and the police.

[photo_footer] Archive image. Raymond with his family before his abduction / RI [/photo_footer] 

Q. How do you feel about the people who kidnapped your husband?

A. Honestly (laughter), I do struggle with anger, frustration and bitterness, but I really felt the Lord helping me and there was one day when I was driving and he just convicted me of my wrong attitude towards the police and I just wept. I repented. I thought of Jesus who told us on the Sermon on the Mount to pray for our enemies and, you know, love them and bless them. Well, I even went further! I even brought a fruit basket for one of the police officers who was in hospital. I just felt that I had to obey God and I did. It was not easy, but I obeyed.

My hope for Raymond is, of course, for his immediate release, his safety and that we will be reunited with him.

Q. How do you feel about the publicity of this case? It's been noted by the international community and several petitions and representations have been made on Raymond's behalf.

A. I hope that they will continue to keep this alive, because what the police want is for people to be quiet. But the Koh family will never forget and we will be relentless in keeping this issue alive. It warms my heart that there are people who care, and also to know that there's a big family of God out there who are loving and supporting us in prayer. And also that there are more compassionate people than there are evil people in this world.

Read more details about this story on Release International's website.

VIDEO. The abduction of pastor Raymond Koh on 13 February 2017, according to CCTV images:




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